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What’s the difference between a tenant and a lodger?

Lodger Keys

This is a common question which many people, including experts in the industry, don’t always know the answer to: what is the ...

Tips / Advice For New Landlords In England & Wales

Here are our top tips for new landlords in England & Wales… Legal Obligations It’s imperative that landlords keep ...

7 Better Ways To Be A Better Landlord

1. Communicate with your tenants Communication is key, and it’s vital to maintain a regular communication channel with your ...

Renting and Pest Control: What You Should Know

Renting and Pest Control

While many tenants believe it is the landlord’s responsibility to keep pests out of their living quarters, it should ...

Furnishing Advice for Landlords

Furnishing Advice for Landlords

Just because you won’t be living in the property yourself, it’s no excuse to cut corners when it comes to furnishing ...

5 Tips For Landlords Using A Tenancy Agreement

Tenancy Agreement

1) Use a written Tenancy Agreement Contract Tenancy Agreements don’t actually have to be in a written contract, they can be ...

How To Be A Successful First Time Landlord

Successful First Time Landlord

If you’re looking to take advantage of the booming rental market at the moment and become a first time Landlord you might be ...

8 Tips For Screening Potential Tenants For Your Property

Screening Potential Tenants

Having the right tenants in your property makes a massive difference. Bad tenants can cause countless problems and hassle, from ...

10 Tips On How To Be A Better Landlord

Be A Better Landlord

1. Treat your tenants like paying customers So many landlords take it for granted that when they have a property to let that ...

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